Learn English by your soul!


Learning a language goes beyond grammar and vocabulary—it's about understanding the culture behind it.

Learning English for the soul refers to studying the English language not solely for practical or professional purposes but also for personal enrichment and enjoyment.

It is an approach that emphasizes the joy, passion, and fulfillment that comes from immersing yourself in the language. When learning English for the soul, the focus is on exploring its literature, poetry, music, movies, and culture, as well as connecting with native English speakers and engaging in meaningful conversations.

This kind of learning goes beyond just acquiring grammar and vocabulary; it involves a deep appreciation and love for the language and its nuances.

Ultimately, learning English for the soul is about nurturing a lifelong relationship with the language and allowing it to shape your personal growth and understanding of the world.

I teach not only the language but also provide insights into English-speaking cultures, traditions, and customs. Step by step you will discover, love, and become a part of this wonderful world of English-speakers.

And you will feel finally the same love for English as I do.

Yulia Evsyutina

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